Company view

Welcome to Sophia Technology world. Information Technology is a vast field to cover. Whatsoever, Our company emphasizing some of the most frequently used fields such as

 Consultation on internet business, telecommunications services (VoIP) and related business
 Software development (design, development, operation) and related consultation
 Import and export of industrial vehicles, passenger vehicles and related business consultation
 Import and export sales and maintenance of automobiles, used cars and other accessories
 Education of computer systems, Japanese language education (culture, customs, all business related to this)
 Establishment, operation and education consultation of schools
 General trade
 Management of food and drink industry
 All business incidental to the preceding items

 インターネットビジネス、テレコミュニケーション(VoIP,通信サービス)および関連ビジネスのコンサルテーション
 ソフトウェア開発(設計、開発、運用)および関連コンサルテーション
 産業用車両、乗用車両の輸出入と関連ビジネスコンサルテーション
 自動車、中古車その他付属部品の輸出入販売および整備
 コンピュータシステムの教育、日本語教育(文化、習慣、ビジネスこれに関連する一切の事業)
 学校の設立、運営および教育関連コンサルテーション
 貿易全般
 飲食業の経営
 前各号に付帯関連する一切の事業

Customers Satisfaction is the main motto of our company.


• Wholesell and reselling
• Calling back System
• Calling Card
• IP Phone
• Pc2Phone



• Software Development
• Customization
• Testing
• Maintenance
• Support
• Consultancy
• Quality assurance



• New/Used Cars export
• Parts of automobiles
• Construction’s equipment
• Medical equipment
• Cosmetics
• Supplementary Medicine